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Recently I’ve been working with copper a lot and I’m trying to
get this really intense red by heating and then quenching it. So
far I had the most success by heating the piece face down on a
charcoal block with a big reducing flame and throwing it in warm
water saturated with borax while it’s still red. This works well
when the piece is about 0.5mm thick, but I haven’t had much
success with bigger, thicker pieces. Also, anything soldered on
the piece will not stay on<<

Hi Ako,
Problems getting things to stay soldered to copper? Try Easy Flo
solder made by Johnson Matthey, should be available from your
local supplier. Also use Easy Flo flux. Make sure work is really
clean, mix flux to paste with water, use soft flame, apply solder
when flux goes clear and liquid. If the pieces fit well, solder
should run through joint very quickly. Clean off flux with hot

Hope that helps.

Richard W.