Copper Whistle - Revisited

All, back in Aug 2002 there was a discussion about making whistles.
There were several responses and one I remember and found in the
Orchid archives was on Wed, 14 Aug from dr which provided a link to

Unfortunately this link is apparently no longer valid. One of my
students is really into copper items and would love to make such a
whistle. Can anyone reconnect me with dr or the instructions?

Thanks in advance and cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in
SOFL where it is brrr chilly today and where simple elegance IS fine
jewelry! @coralnut1

Hi Don, Try the whistle making link again. I just did and had no
trouble getting it to open. In fact, I’m printing the directions as
I type… Alice in Wisconsin where the blue skies are saying there’s
still no snow coming…