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Copper spinning


I am interested in learning how to do copper spinning and I haven’t
been able to find a class, any suggestions as to where there is one?
Thanks Koranna


While in College a couple years ago, I came upon an old spinning
lath and some tools. My info came from mine and other University
library. Also, Popular Mechanics Magazine ca. 1948 had a quite
interesting article on spinning. Very little in print apparently
since then that I found. Large city public libraries should have
some of these. Otherwise spinning as a hand artist’s skill, seems to
be trial and error and learning from a master. Happy spinning, [it is
rather fun]. Ed


Dear Koranna, I don’t know where you live, but there is a metal
spinning workshop that available as part of the 2003 Enamelist
Society Conference at Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington,
during the final weeks of August. Lynn Hull will be teaching that
class and she is very good and has taught at the U of Washington
metals department for many years. She is a great teacher and you
will learn much from her. You can check out this workshop as well as
many other workshops and events that will be offered at this
conference, by logging on to The Enamelist Society website - Good luck, Steve Artz President
Enamel Guild West


I dont know where there is a class but you can buy an instructional
video heRe:

They also have the tools and round copper and pewter blanks.

I do know that Georgia State University has a spinning lathe, but it
is never used. I tried it a few times, the lathe works, but I could
never get the hang of it.

Good luck
Kevin Ard


A good, 3-part series on modifying a lathe for metal spinning
appeared in the last few months of “home shop machinist” usually
this is for an audience of people who have machine shops in their
home, but the jigs, fixtures, tooling setups and interesting
mechanisms make this magazine an interesting read. Usually, I find
at least 1 thing in every issue that I adapt to the jewelry studio.

Mark Zirinsky, Denver


Greetings. Lindsay Publications has offered books on metal spinning.
They reprint old books. I cannot put my hands on my catalog at the
moment. Please check the web for their address. I believe they have
a web catalog also. Their catalog is also very entertaining. I also
have several books with articles on spinning that I would be happy
to copy off for you. The key is a good lathe to work with. The
tooling is quite simple. I have used this technique to make new base
parts for candlesticks and to restore a damaged one.



Koranna, Lynne Hull in Seattle, North Seattle Community College, does
copper spinning. She may teach the technique in some of her classes.
I don’t have her phone number right now, I’m traveling. But you
should be able to get the number of the college through Seattle
Information via phone. Good luck. Kitti DeLong