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Copper soldering


G’day; In NZ there is a copper welding/brazing rod available
which all our plumbers use, called Silphos. It is used with a
fairly hot flame and is flux-coated, and the all the plumbers use
it even in upside-down type situations under the kitchen sink!
It does not flow like silver solder, but can be built up into
fillets. However, it is darker than copper, and I don’t really
like it much. Those folk who want to do jewellery in copper
could use silver solder and after cleaning up, do a simple copper
plate, by putting it briefly in a solution of copper sulphate
(bluestone) with an iron nail, but this will result only in a
very thin deposit; though enough to hide the silvery look of the
solder. A heavier copper plate can be done using a copper
cyanide solution and a low DC voltage from even a torch battery -
which, like most other things if used with intelligence and not
left about for the kids to play with, isn’t the horrific
substance that it is usually made out to be. A small quantity -up
to a litre - could be eventually disposed of down the toilet or
sink together with PLENTY of flush water. This small amount
wouldn’t affect the environment at all. But whatever you do,
enjoy it, eh?

   / /    John Burgess, 
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 / //\    @John_Burgess2
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