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Copper Questions

Hi all! Well, I got the last day’s responses to my questions, thanks
so very much!!! (I also received a few personal emails and thank you
also!!! ) I am pleased and look forward to having an easier time. (I
have some SORE hands from bending the wire into handles!)

I must admit I feel rather dumb about the question now that I have
been given answers. I see even Loren’s comments about weaving wire
pertained to me also… I never knew that heating wire to the point
of red would soften it and then heating it slightly (600 degrees, I
believe was the statement) would then harden it. To me that is
amazing! Once again, I am severely humbled by the extreme wisdom
here… and the loving support. How gracious! (curtsy)

For an update on the projects I have been working on, I am trying
desperately to finish a few more items for a show I am doing (first
time show too!) on March 27th. I see an easier day tomorrow
(Saturday) as I can make many handles and finish sewing. amen! I
also see that my ideas for my wind chimes base (a spiral of 4 g
copper wire with loops to hold the chimes) and hair ornaments of
copper and brass wire are gonna be a fabulous breeze. Yeah, I feel
pretty stupid as I was making some purse handles tonight BEFORE I
checked my email. I figured I would turn out a few beforehand! LOL!
I am gonna make a point to check email BEFORE I venture into painful
things… I VOW!.

I have no idea what happened to the last few days of digests, but I
don’t have them. Is there a way I can access the postings of the
last week?

Oh, and while I am being humble (or red-faced) let me please ask:
Would I be better off spot welding or soldiering to join copper wire
pieces where they overlap (the loop’s crossing)? I want to prevent
the string I am using from slipping through by creating a join in
the loop. Also, is borax an acceptable flux for copper?

Again, a curtsy to you all! Thanks so much! Robin Pittman Authentic
Path Saginaw, MI USA