Copper jewelry manufacturing

I have a question from a business acquaintance that I was hoping the
orchid forum may have a lead on. I have not been keeping up on the
forum as of late but would greatly appreciate any help. They are
looking for a vendor to manufacture copper jewelry (completely
finished). She currently has a S.S line she wished to copy into a
copper line. The pieces are simple shapes to be engraved. Does
anyone know of someone who does this. Please let me know! Thanks for
your time.

Dawn Muscio
D. Muscio Designs
Atlanta, GA

one can buy pre stamped out copper shapes from a number of metal
suppliers and craft supply houses ( thunderbird supply for stamped
copper shapes,for one source, and fire mountain, oriental trading,
kfs metals for crafts supplies.) what exactly is your friend looking
for- finished engravings or shapes made of copper- unclear.