Copper inlay on silver

Hey Becky, I’ve been using a copper colored solder on some of my
copper sculptures that might be of help to you. It’s called Fos-Flo
#7. It’s a 20 ga.wire solder for copper or brass. Melts at
1310F/710C and flows from 1350F/730C. Its composition is 92.75%
Copper and 7.25% phosphorus and gives a light copper color. I use
good old Handi flux with it. I got mine at Indian Jewelers Supply
( It’s not incredibly expensive and I think
they have a minimum purchase of 20 ft. or so. I’ve never tried it in
an application like yours but I would very definitely like to hear
if it does what you want it to. I hadn’t considered this application
before but it sounds like a good possibility.

All the usual disclaimers here. I don’t work for IJS but I thought
this might help with your project. It works pretty well for my
sculptures. Hope it helps you.