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Copper flashing

I had read that copper flashing is a good source of copper sheets.
But is flashing a less expensive source for copper? And is it easy to
find? thx, brenda

Hello Brenda,

If you have a scrap metal or metal recycler in your area, ask them
about buying scrap copper flashing. Otherwise, check with roofers,
although since copper has also dramatically increased in price, many
have switched to galvanized flashing. Still, unless you ask…

Be sure to take a gauge example to get what you want.

Judy in Kansas, where temps have broken 100 degrees F. Going to the
first University football game, which starts at 7:30 pm - thank
goodness! At least the temps will be falling into the 80s.

Flashing is pretty thin material and used in the roofing trade. You
can get it at any of the big box hardware stores. I got some at
Lowe’s but I used it on my walls behind my stove. I’ve also used it
for areas on the leather bags I make behind the initials for effect.
If it’s laying around you could form it very easily with your hands
and pliers maybe to see what something looks like before you try it
in a more expensive metal.

Hagstroms in Philly, or maybe even someone local to you may sell
sheets of brass/copper but the only thing you save is shipping, and
they had to buy it from a supplier. You could find it from Rio
Grande also.

I needed a sheet of 18g once to finish a project, and found a guy
about 20 min. away.


Hi Brenda

Scrap metal yards in Ozz usually have plenty of copper sheet, you
can often find new sheet various thicknesses.


old forming rather than for construction? I had heard that flashing
is a reasonable cost source for copper and is available in different
gauges. In the KC area there are other sources for copper. None of
the big box stores here carry it, so would have to go downtown KC to
a builders’ supplier.

thx! brenda