Copper Etching

Thanks for the info about muriatic acid. I have some, but dont
think I want to mess with it. I am eager to try the ferric
cloride. We use Nitric acid in my jewlery class so we can ethch
copper or sterling, I was wondering if a Sharpi Marker will
resist nitric acid?



Sorta jumping in here, but I use both ferric cloride for copper
and nitric for silver; Sharpies seem to work well for both.
Happy etching!


C Gems
Original Designs and Period Jewelry

I don’t believe a permanent marker will hold up to the nitric, a
paint pen should, masking tape, enamel paint: by brush or spray
paint and some commercial resists work well.

Ed Colbeth
Student, Metalsmith
Fairhaven, Ma

Hello All, Do any of you have experience with the “Edinburgh Etch”
using citric acid along with ferric chloride for coppr etching? I’ll
be viewing a website from the
archives…Edinburgh Etch, Keith Howard, Beguin
but would also like to hear from anyone that has used this or has
input about proportions that they found sucessful. Much thanks in

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