Copper and brass brazing

Welding suppy houses sell brazing alloys called Sil Phos. ( at least
they did when I sold the stuff 15 years ago). There are three grades
available: Sil-phos 0, Sil-Phos 5 and Sil-Phos 15. The number refer
to the amount of silver in the alloy. Sil-Phos 15 flows very well.
This may answer your a question about working with copper jewelry…
Don Sommerfield.

They do indeed still make sil-phos brazing rod, it is the standard
in welding copper refrigeration lines for A/C etc. It doesn’t match
the color of the copper or brass however, the color tends to be a dark
gray and it weathers differently than the copper. Great stuff for
copper though as it is very forgiving, it is self fluxing on copper to
copper and it will fill quite a gap (1/8" - 1/4"). It also works
copper to brass etc. But to join copper to steel it takes 45% silver

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