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Cooperative Gallery Space Assignment Help!

Hi fellow orchidians! I am now part of a brand new cooperative
gallery. We are currently struggling over space assignments for the
different media if anyone has participated in a cooperative or is
participating I could sure use some input. Our dilemma is some of the
participants are strictly wall artists some have a collective of work
ceramics, wall art and jewelry. Some have just jewelry etc How can
space be equally distributed to the satisfaction of the collective
when the media is different? Any or guidelines that you
might have in writing would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
Willits, CA

Easy linda, If you all contribute equally, the square feet of space
for each should be the same! Never mind what people do. Equal space
for equal pay, (and equal roster duty! if that applies) Work it out
very strictly from the start and keep to the arrangements. That way
people all know where they stand. (or hang) Cheers from Oz Maggie