Cool piece we shipped today

Argentium silver (brushed) and 14K rose gold.


Unbelievable and a fantastic pattern. Just beautiful!!..Plus great details
on the ring!

*Gerry Lewy *

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The finish seals the deal on that piece, it almost doesn’t even look like metal. Definitely an interesting piece, well done!

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Thank you @gerrylewy18!

Thanks - people think it is ceramic :slight_smile:

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Hi Seth,

Best Lost wax? casting detail ive ever seen, tho was the rose gold work carved after casting?
the center dragons? Surely not die struck?
some making info would be appreciated. The 4 hounds? or which animal? cant make it out.
Also the detail ? on the ring sides? what is that representing?


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I saw the rose gold, the style and pattern and finish reminds me of a ring
youd see on 17th century european royalty. it is stunning. my compliments
to the chef.

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Very cool design and craftsmanship! Nice work!

Very cool details!
Dragon scales on sides? And would those be dragon toes/nails holding down the central design?

Fantastic piece - thanks for the photos.

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Hey Ted - the piece is 100% lost wax cast (prototype), it is not die struck.

The 4 hounds, but I don’t know what the meaning was for the client exactly… one of my team members designed it. I can ask :slight_smile: very much the client’s design, but I think a good one and fun to execute.

yes and yes :slight_smile:

@seth-ganoksin-admin Seth a little more on the construction steps would be greatly appreciated. Silver and gold a 2 step process? Separate waxes? Intermediate finish prep between steps?

I’m in the beginning design of a mixed metal piece all cast and would love to know more. Perhaps reference material also.
Regards RLW

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@rwade1 This one is cast as two separate pieces (separate waxes). The waxes were milled on a 6 axis CNC milling machine, not 3D printed… we tend to mill quite often on our signet ring pieces and pieces like this. It helps to not have to polish out grow lines, because while doing so, we tend to lose critical details. Absolutely there is finish prep prior to final assembly of the two parts, that brushed finish is done in advance of course. Way easier.

@vladimirfrater there is no hand carving work done here, and in fact, we do not hand carve waxes for any of our pieces. 100% of our work is CAD.

Thanks. So I’m assuming (often gets me in trouble) that after cast you use some fastening technique from the underside.

I’ve been working on the idea of casting a gold object then investing it along with the ring or pendant wax and cast the silver. Along a similar line of casting stones in place. The object would have mushroom stems to hold it in place when the silver is cast and investment removed after casting

Just some crazy thoughts from my hobbiest perspective
Regards RLW

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I am actually not sure on this particular piece… I will take a look at the progress photos and see :slight_smile:

Very nicely done. A beauty

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