Cool casting equip lot at ebay

Hi All,

There is an auction lot of tools at ebay right now that folks
might be interested in. Rolling mill, Rubber mold vulcanizer,
induction melting crucible, Neycraft kiln, polishing machine,
vacuum caster/invester and a wax injector. I’m the only bidder so
far for the lot at $1000.00 . I’ve thought better of my bid (ok
those visa payments are worrying me) and would like someone to
take over and get a great deal on the stuff at the same time as
relieving me of my responsibility. These items are located in
Florida and so the closer you are to them the cheaper the
shipping will be (another factor for me).

Here’s the page:


Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada

I would never but anything electrical sight unseen. I have
bought item on e- bay but beware not everyone is honest.
Sincerely, Jennifer Peterson

Charles and others, Jeeeeeez thats a good deal!!! If I didn’t
already have someof this stuff I’d jump on this right now.
There’s only one day left on the bid so anyone out there that
wants to save a ton of money bid on this now, you don’t find used
equipment like this very often and this guy is almost giving this
stuff away…Dave

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I am interested in the polishing unit, the Electro melt and the
rolling mill. I do not cast so the other equipment I don’t
need. If you win this bid maybe we could work something out
regarding shipping and what and if you want to sell the items I
am interested in. I am unable to fork out the $$$$ right now for
the whole set up. See what you thing and you can contact me at my
e-mail address below. Thanks.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs

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