Converting to natural gas

I would like to convert from the propane I now use to natural gas
…has anyone done that ? If so can I still use my regulator to hook
up both torches,or will I need a seperate feed for each one? And
finaly any idea about how much it should cost ( if I can’t do it
myself) ? Thanks all for your time and help - Ron

You may not need a regulator at all. Most towns have gas pressures
that will work fine with a torch valve. You will need to install a
check (or flash back) valve on the line. You probably will need
different torch tips with the new gas. Are you using gas and oxy, or
gas and acetylene? Steve Ramsdell

Regarding changing gases with the same torch, different gases require
a seperate mixer for each gas. Also each regulator has threads that
connect to a specific gas. This is a safety feature. The gas mixer
in the torch will have an oriface engineered for that gas. If you
have a well known brand, consult your local weldilng supply house.
A good house can help you.

the conversion for appliances is a matter of switching the orifice
that restricts the flow of gas to adjust for the different heat
production. a simple job, but illegal in some places except for a
licsenced plumber.

for a torch the first thing to do is check the owners manual for
instructions. some models are as simple as adjusting the flow a
little to get a good flame, while other models will require a change
out of regulator.

If you have natural gas , you dont need a gas regulator because the
normal gas preasure is excellent.You must have a regulator for your
oxygen.I have this setup in one of my offices. JD.

Hi All, I use an acetylene regulator on my propane tank and have done
so for the past 15 years with no problem. Propane is a hotter gas
than natural or “city” gas and it is also cleaner burning. I also
use the same torch tips for propane/oxygen that I had used for
natural gas /oxygen. If the tip is for gas/air, I don’t think
that you can use it with oxygen. Skip

Skip Meister
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