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Converting to 35mm Slide from Digital Images?

As I recall; there have been some threads awhile back regarding
submission of “slides” for juried shows + previous threads about
preferences for digital cameras + threads about alternatives to
light diffusing domes. I stumbled upon this link of products that
claims to be able to convert digital image to “slide”.

In particular, digital images from the Nikon Cool Pix into slide
format using a product from a company called "Happenstance" bore down into
this link for details.

Usual disclaimer …no personal interest financial or
otherwise…never used or tried it…


I’ve been looking into this service for doing the same thing.

I’ve only just ordered my camera and setup (Thanks for all the info
and help!), so I’ll let you know what happens when I finally get the
slides made up.

Elizabeth Schechter
RFX Studios

I don’t see any need to buy expensive equipment or learn how to
produce my own slides from my digital images. I simply take the
memory card from my camera, hand it to the employee at my local Kodak
photo developing store, and tell them what format I want the pictures
created in - Slides or the usual 4 x 6 on paper (or any other size).
If you just need regular photos (on paper) and your 1 hour photo
doesn’t take digital formats yet, you can get them printed at most
any Kinko’s store. There’s no need to settle for low quality prints
off your home printer anymore, the service is finally catching up
with the technology.

Nancy Stinnett, Owner
Geosoul Arts
(702) 436-7685

Or, if you are only doing a few of them yearly, you might want to
try just using a service that does this. The one I’ve used (and am
happy with) is which is based in new

You upload your digital file, select what you want and how many and
pay by credit card. That’s it. The slides ship out the next day and
you have them shortly afterward, nicely packaged in slide holder

It’s been cheaper and less problematic for me than trying to adapt
stuff to my setup and buy hardware to produce slides.

Just some food for thought.
Karen Goeller