Contracts on commissioned work

First off I would like to thank all those people who responded
quickly ( some of you off line within hours ) to my platinum
problem…I was able to burnish the joint and everything seemed to
work out fine…am completing my platinum education as we write.
Many Thanks .

I have to agree with Daniel completely… I work in a similar
fashion and my standing guarantee is if you do not like the end
product I will do it over…in 15 years of retail I have only
redone 2 rings…and they were simple gold rings… Daniel makes
very many good points…listen to your customer very
carefully…most of them cannot visualize very well…I have found
over the years that I almost always have ( Oh Lord here it
comes ) a woman listen as I work as they seem to hear the same
thing in a different manner…very often understanding what I
missed even after years of practiced listening and gleaning what
the customer wants. Go slowly and do not be afraid to charge for
your work.

As to eating work or refunding or whatever the problem might
be…sometimes it just has to be that way…An old saying in
retail " a satisfied customer tells 5 people a dissatisfied
customer tells 20 people"…I ,like Daniel , keep trying to work
out whatever the problem may be and I have found most people
soften after awhile when you are trying so hard to please them.

When I first started, I realized a need for a small fund for
problems…I kept a separate money fund for emergency stones I
might break, or a dissatisfied customer where I had to lay out
money… I never used it much…dropped it over ten years ago, but
it gave me peace of mind in dealing with hard customers and I
learned to relax…tell them they are right and see if I can
figure out …what??? … You will get there…

Terry Parresol in central Florida