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Continuum alloy Question

Has anyone used Continuum to fabricate a fused link chain? The alloy is said to be fusable… how did it work out?

All I’m finding is Stuller silver am I missing something? Thank you

Is this in reference to the discussion about bronze vs brass and casting medallions? If so, here is the URL for casting alloys Stuller has to offer.


I have not made a chain out of it yet. I can say that I have had extensive experience with continuum. It does fuse beautifully. I have found though that I prefer to use IT and or Eutectic solders on it. Both are a very high temp solder that is close to the fusing temp. and are compatible with vitreous enamels. IT solder can be purchased from Hauser Miller. Eutectic can be purchased from Thompson Enamels. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.