[Contacts] Telluride, Colorado?

I’m a jewelery enthusiast/hobbyist here in New York. I may be moving
to Telluride very suddenly to work, and I’m looking for bench space
to rent from November-April. Any suggestions on how to go about
finding it? I’ve done general searches on Yahoo! such as "Telluride

  • jeweler" and so far have come up empty-handed. Is there a website
    that is a directory of jewelers in the US or Colorado? And lastly,
    do you think someone would be amenable to renting space out to a
    student? I’d be so heartbroken if I couldn’t indulge in my one true
    passion for nearly six months. Thank you so much for any input or
    advice anyone has to offer.

-Allyson V. Bliss

Allyson, I would suggest going to the real estate websites for
Telluride under commercial properties for rent. The rents are
extremely high. Neck and neck with Aspen or Vail. Good Hunting.

Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio

Here is the link with contacts:

Jennie Lorette Keatts
JLK Handcrafted Jewelry
Seagrove, NC  27341

Maybe the chapter of SNAG could help:
Colorado Metalsmiths Association
Box 171
1947 Wadsworth
Lakewood, Colorado 80227

You are lucky to be moving to Telluride-it is a beautiful spot!

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