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[Contacts] silversmith in Toyko and New Hampshire

Jill, Try KOMOKIN in Tokyo. I’ve not been but the nephew has and
brought me tools and a catalog I can’t find. I remember they
have some of the biggest platinum chain ever seen. The sell
tools and findings and?.

Lucky you.
Bill in Vista

Greetings from NewHampshire! I know there are other NH people
lurking besides myself, but if you’re in the North Conway area
look me up–I’m just 2 miles from the center of town. Are you
going to be coming during fall foliage (any time before Oct. 22
or so)? Lodging is always a problem in NH during that time, but
we can always have a spare bed and a meal for another jeweller.
Let me know if I can be of help in any way or can give you more
about locations etc. The League of NH Craftsmen
Shops are always a pleasure to go into–there are 7 of them
scattered around the state. Know of a bead shop in Bristol, too.
Have a great trip to Tokyo!

Linda Sorensen 603-356-6660
995 Kearsarge Rd.
N. Conway, NH 03860

I’m in MA, but am really a NH native ( we can never escape).
Southern NH tho - I never get up north. Do you do any rock/gem
shows in New England? Or other shows
I-ought-to-know-about-but-don’t-yet? (Just getting back into
jewelry after a 20-yr hiatus.)