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[Contacting Buyers] consignment

I am still fairly new at all of this (about one year) but I have had
many thoughts and conversations about consignment.

Number one, when you leave things on consignment, you have no real
way to know if or when the items have been sold unless you return to
the store if it is local. (can also be construed as being a nudge)
You must be able to trust the store’s employees .

Second, if you do leave things on consignment, you should establish
terms for getting paid promptly (net 30? net 15?) after the item is

Third, You should investigate whether your items are covered under
the store’s insurance or your own in case of loss or theft.

Leaving things on consignment means that you give up samples that you
could be taking around to other places, which may be a problem if you
do not have multiples. It also means needing to restock your inventory
if you are doing shows.

Find out how much of the store merchandise is on consignment, what
their strong sellers are, what their terms are for percentage of the
take, whether their salespeople are well-trained and careful.

With all of these caveats (and I am sure there are many more!!),
sometimes consignment can gather you a following if people see your
work. At least your work is out there and you probably will sell
something (or lots) if the store carries merchandise in your price
range and look. But I would not leave things there indefinitely and
if you cannot afford to make multiples, then ask for permission to
recall it if you have to show it to come other customers.

That is all from this peanut gallery. Good luck!

Diana Widman at Birch Tree Studio

CONSIGNMENTS! I agree with you. Two other added bits of

whatever you do in the line of consignments, insist that your jewelry
not be placed next to some other jewelry that is selling at a cheaper
price or place your jewelry with a consignment shop owner, who also
designs and creates jewelry. If any one has had luck in doing this,



Consignments should also establish a pricing agreement… I have had
shop owners establish a price so high (and not because I had a high
going in price) that the items would never sell… Jim