Contact Yanes

Hi All,

Can anyone please help me contact Mr. Jesus Yanes, owner of Yanes
Jewelry in Spain? Yanes Jewelry makes beautiful filligree castings
including Faberge Eggs.

Could anyone give me their e-mail ID, or contact phone number ?

Thanks in anticipation,


I found Yanes’ address in the Iberindex:

The Iberindex is an online directory of businesses in Spain. Its
listings are not always up to date, so this address for Yanes might
not be current, but it’s worth trying:

Jesus Yanes
Calle Goya 6
28001 Madrid
Telephone:  34/91/5751350

Note that I’ve added the country code of 34 to the telephone number.
You will need that if you are dialing from outside Spain.

Good luck!
Daniela Muhling

Check out their website

Mark Maxwell