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[Contact] Tool supplier in canada

Hello I am new to metalsmithing.

I am currently building myself a bench and I am looking for a good
tool supplier for jewellers in Canada. Anything to recomend ? There
is lots to choose from in the US but import duties are not fun to
deal with. If there is anyone out there that would like to sell a few
basic hand tools (used of course) I am an interested buyer.

Thanks for your time

If you are on the east coast try Lacy’s or Lapidary stores, if on the
west coast there is Lacy’s West, lapidary stores in Cloverdale and
North Van.

There is You can also check your local yellow pages
under “jewelry supplies”.

I’ve ordered some tools in from the USA, and all customs charged was
taxes. If you have them sent by USPS, Canada Post will charge an
additional 5-8$. If you have them sent by Fedex or UPS, they charge
huge brokerage fees, so beware!

I found that even after taking into account the shipping charges and
customs charges, it was generally cheaper to order tools in from the

There is H and W Perrin in Toronto with good prices and stock. Also
Gesswein has a Canadian office in Mississauga and Stuller has on
office in downtown Toronto and they look after all of the brokerage

Take care, Paul.

Hi Louis,

I see you’re in Quebec, so you might try Sassounian Tools in
Montreal. I went there last year, & was mostly happy with what I
bought. It’s nice to actually handle the tools before you buy. I
also checked out a building at 620 Rue Cathcart that is full of
jewellery trade businesses, though the signage is poor. I just asked
people on the elevator for directions.

Good luck!
Susan Ellenton