[Contact] The Brown brothers in AZ

et All, specially members in AZ, Safford.

I know a few months back i had written asking for any info on
Morenci material (Turquoize ) and the Brown Brothers Pete and Walt,
well I did find them and their web site was teriffic, but a few
months later, Now, they have vanished again, when you plug in their
web address error message comes up saying it can’t find such an
address, I googled them and other searches they come up and their
company,but when you try and contact or click on the web address the
error message comes up.Their company is called Morenci turquoise
stoneworks In AZ.

if any one out their in orchid land knows them or are in touch with
them in Safford AZ,could you please let them know i am trying to
contact them for purchasing purposes.

I am getting the feeling that some thing has happened like sickness
or worse and no one is there for contacting their clients to let
them know. anyone know anything about them please let me know off
list. thank you

Hratch Babikian

Hi Hratch,

I did some searching, and while nothing appeared immediately about
Walt or Pete Brown or the Morenci Turquoise Stoneworks (the link is
broken as you noted)…there is another turquoise shop in Safford
that may provide a lead:

Brown's Turquoise Shop
2248 South 1st Avenue, Safford, AZ 85546
phone: (928) 428-6433

I hope this helps you in your search.