[Contact] Supplies in MA, NH and ME


Hope you don’t mind my asking, but at one time I thought several of
you had said you lived near Boston.

Do you know of any rock shops in the area? I had reason to be in the
area this last week and was kind of surprised by the lack of listings
that are still open for business.

The actual areas I spent time in were Cape Cod MA and Manchester NH
and I also drove up to Portsmouth and Portland ME.

The reason I bring this up, I was told I would be back in January
and again in March.

For those of you who have not been in that area of the country, and
even though the leaves were not changing, it was still spectacular.
Seems nearly every little town had custom jewelry shop with some
really spectacular and creative pieces made by local crafts persons.
I finally had to stop pulling over or I would never have gotten
anywhere. The best roads are 1a and 1b along the coast line, really
memorable scenery.

Thanks in advance

If you can go inland along the eastern border of Maine, there is
Perham’s in Oxford co. I think it is in New Paris, (Maybe just
Paris). They have lots of and displays about the
Tourmaline and Pegamites in the old quarrys in the area. There is an
entire story of a fantastic find called the “Tuesday pocket”(?) When
a huge vug of gem quality crystals was found. When I was there they
had a replicated little vug as a display even.

Dan Wellman

Do you know of any rock shops in the area? 

I can’t speak for MA, NH or ME but out here in the West rock shops
are closing due to retirement of the owners, financial difficulties,
or just can’t compete with ebay and the internet. Some have closed
their brick and mortar stores and are selling at shows and/or on the
Internet. Most of the rockhounds are of the older generation. And
with more and more rock collection areas being designated as
wilderness areas interest just keeps shrinking. It’s hard to pay for
retail floor space with a shrinking customer base. It’s difficult to
keep rock clubs going for the same reasons. Lapidary equipment is the
same way. You’d be surprised how many times I get asked at art shows
and art/craft shows what a lapidary is. People today just aren’t into
rocks, rock collecting or lapidary. Of course those people are what
makes up my customer base. They ooh and ahh at all the pretty rocks
and love to here where they come from, etc. but cut and polish a
rock? No way. That would be too icky. :wink:

Now I think I’ll head out to my garage for a quiet night with my

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado


I know what you mean, and you have probably seen the sale bill at
Ackley’s for the sale of the Rock Shop in Wheatland next weekend at
the fair grounds.

I did manage to find one in New Hampshire in a town called Milford
that was very nice. Good range of material and competitively priced.
The owner did lapidary and headstones the wife did Jewelry. The name
of the place was ‘The Quartz Source’ on Nashua Street. Other than
that, most places did not answer their phones during business hours
so I assumed them to be closed.

Anyway, I usually do not have the time on my trips to scour the
local areas and wind up hitting rock shops for local minerals and
materials, but I always hit the local road cuts and what ever I can

The wilderness areas do not affect rock collecting, just how you do
it. What I have noticed is some of the best collecting areas are
getting turned into National Parks, which does hamper collecting.

My travel season is about over, for me and it will be the basement
and grinding my rocks :slight_smile:

Do you know what is going on with Ackley’s or heard any good rumors
or Dick’s? I know Rhonda tried taking over the rock portion and
couldn’t swing it, and I didn’t ask Mr. Ackley my last time there.


Hi Terry,

Do you know what is going on with Ackley's or heard any good
rumors or Dick's? I know Rhonda tried taking over the rock portion
and couldn't swing it, and I didn't ask Mr. Ackley my last time

I didn’t know you were from the springs. Nice to have another
Orchidian in the neighborhood.

The Ackley’s will be retiring within the next year or so but have
not announced a date. They have a couple of interested buyers but
none of the buyers have the capital for the building so they would be
buying the inventory and equipment. I don’t know if you have been in
the back room of Ackley’s but it is stacked floor to ceiling with
trays of mineral specimens. Someone could do well selling them on
ebay. I was hoping to get one of their saws…

Rhonda did buy the rock shop business but turned it back to the
Ackley’s saying it was too much of a headache she didn’t say if she
was making any money or not. Probably not.

It’s a shame that a local landmark like Ackley’s will soon be gone.
It was always nice to drop in for something quick plus the social
aspect. Ackley’s saved my butt the other day. I was doing a setting
job for a customer that involved 3 2mm synthetic birthstones. I lost
one and would have had to order a replacement from Stuller for
overnight delivery but a call to Rhonda and they had them in stock.

Dick’s Rock Shop had to move because their building was being
condemned for highway expansion. They were leasing the building so no
cash windfall for them. They have opened another store in downtown
Fountain on mainstreet. I haven’t been out to their new store yet.

No trip to Wheatland, WY for the auction for me. I spent too much at
the show in Denver last weekend. I was hoping to get some Medicine
Bow Dendritic agate. I know people that are going to the auction and
I’m already negotiating a trades… :slight_smile:

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Thanks for the update.

I have seen the back room from the scale, but I have not been in it.
If they are totally selling out, I would like to get one of the saws
also, I started a 24", but have not been able to complete it yet.

Glad to hear Dick’s moved instead of closed. I will have to take the
Fountain road to the ranch this Saturday and see if I can find them.

I was hoping to get to Denver for the rock show, but it fell
through. Got a call when I was in NH and looks like daughter 2 will
be getting married. Don’t know if you have ever been involved with
one of these, but all forms of extraneous life ceases until it is
over. Phil gets back next weekend so we will be down fitting tux’s,
and there goes my Wheatland trip. Good luck on your trades, with
current events, I will have to stay out of the stores and auctions
for a while.

When I get a chance to slab out some of the material I collected
this summer, interested in trading a few slabs?