[Contact] Small Carvings

Hi - I’m looking for a supplier of small carvings. I think most
of them are done in Bali. These would be less than an inch to an
inch and a half. Particularly, I have seen small moonfaces done
in fossilized walrus ivory,antler bone, etc but also am
interested in other shapes to be used in rings, neclaces, and
bracelets. Can any one out there help me. Thanks Jack Burton

Hello-I’ve bought wholesale and/or retail from many of the
dealers at the “Gem Fairs” that come to town several times a
year-I presume you are in Los Angeles? A lot of the dealers are
based in L.A. so probably have an outlet downtown in the Jewelry
district. “Ornament” magazine carries many listings for beads and
carvings. And I have found the moon faces also at Quartzite in
Arizona from individual dealers. If you need some specific names
and addresses-will look up some receipts.