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[Contact] Sharpes gemmological labs

Does anyone know of or remember Sharpes Gemmological Labs? It was/is
in the (619) area code. I don’t know anything else about them except
the phone number that is printed on the case that a parcel of
"certified" stones is in, along with some cotton wool and a printed
paper label of sorts with what appears to be a lot number or an
inventory code number on it. I have looked in every corner of the
internet including the way back machine and can’t find a thing about
the company, if it was acquired, etc. The stones enclosed in this
case are quite interesting and look quite old- meaning, I suspect,
ancient. so I’m trying to find anything i can to help me interpret
whatever the label indicates. Thanks. rer

Did you try the California Secretary of State record of businesses?
They should be able to tell you although there is likely to be a fee
for looking up defunct or acquired company names. Good luck in your
sleuthing - this kind of thing was part of what I did once and it can
be challenging. But you at least know the area code - even though it
likely applies to the time before the code was split. That should be
a big help to at least giving you a starting date - date of split of
area code.