[Contact] Schauer Enamels

I am trying to contact Schauer Enamels in Seattle, Washington.
Anyone = know their telephone number? Thanks. RW

RW, Try Enamel Work Supply Co. they are dealers for Shauer Enamels.
1022 N.E. 68th Seattle Wa.98115 (206) 525-9271

good luck! Steve Artz, NBRAINR@aol.com

Enamelwork Supply in Seattle carries Schauer enamels from Austria as
well as Ninomiya enamels from Japan. The phone number Is (800)
596-3257 or (206) 525-9271. Address is: 1022 N.E. 68th Seattle, WA

Hi RW. The address for Schauer enamels is Enamelwork Supply Co.
l022 N. E. 68th, Seattle, Wa. 98115. sorry I do not have their
telephone number. The owner of the company is Coral Schaffer (Sp?).
she is an excellent enamelist and is very knowledgeable about the
technical properties of the enamels she sells. Hope this is helpful,
cheers, Alma, in Gorgeous green Portland, Or.

Hi – Coral Shaffer carries Schauer as well as Ninomiya enamels
through her Enamelwork Supply Company at 1022 N.E. 68th Street,
Seattle Washington, 98115. The phone is 206-525-9271. She sent out a
notice to her mailing list over the summer which mentioned that she
would be out of the country for most of September. Good luck. Laura.

The only Schauer listed in the business section of the white pages
here in Seattle is Schauer Northwest Inc. If this is it, the number
is 206-763-0557. Hope this helps. If this isn’t it, are you sure it
is in Seattle? Could it be in a surrounding suburb or city?

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