[Contact] Photoengraving / etching

I am working on a project and as I am not ready to expand into a
new area, I am looking for someone who does photoetching on a
commercial basis on 14k and/or sterling. I have been searching
the archives and the web and so far have not come up with
anything. Thanks in advance. Lew Sperber

Try Precision etching in Warwick R.I . they do large amounts of

Daniel Grandi
http://www.racecarjewelry.com (visit the workshop)


A few years ago, I looked into the idea of photoetching some
designs and found a company called Precision Etch 1-800-523-3824
As it turned out, I didn’t use their services, so I don’t know
their work. But, I did save the phone number. I hope they’re
still in business!

Jesse Kaufman

Try the David H. Fell Co. They are a refiner/precious metals
supplier in Commerce city CA. They sell their own line of
pattern etched silver and gold sheet, and can do custom etching
for you as well, if you need special patterns or other such done.