[Contact] Midwest Refineries

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have any experience with midwest Refineries? I have a
relatively small batch of silver (35 ounces of 925) and everywhere
they are trying to charge 100 dollars to assay and then 90% of the
pure silver content. This obviously would not be worth it for me.

Any Experiences?

I am unfamiliar with Midwest Refineries but one hundred dollars is
not an unusual charge for assay and 90% is not unusual return for
silver. Anyone offering a significantly lower charge or greater
payment would concern me. It costs money in chemicals and assay
equipment and staff time to do an assay and likewise takes materials
and time to refine it and there is just not as much margin to work
with as there is with gold. This is why refining less than a kilo or
so of silver is an expensive proposition.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts