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Hi All, Could anyone please tell me how to get in touch with
"Metalsmith" magazine. Recently I tried to call the number
listed in their magazine and I was told by recording that the
number, (813) 977-5326, had been disconnected. Somehow I let my
subscription lapse and I need to renew it. Thanks in advance
for your help. Karen Jordan
Esterling Design

Metalsmith has new staff as of last year or so. There are
different offices for different functions. Subscriptions is now
at 630-579-3272 Happy Reading.
Cindy Edelstein

metalsmith contact info:

For membership and subscription please contact the
SNAG/Metalsmith Business Office at (630) 579-3272.

SNAG/Metalsmith Business Office, 710 E. Ogden Ave., Suite 600,
Naperville, IL 60563-8603.

SNAG Organization Director Dana Singer:

Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada

I would be happy to send anyone who is interested a current
brochure ( subscription & membership rates) for Metalsmith
magazine and SNAG, the Society of North American Goldsmiths.
Simply email me a current street address. SNAG’s current
business office address is: 710 east Ogeden Avenue, Suite 600,
Naperville, IL 60563-8603

Jan Baum,
Board of Directors, SNAG

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