[Contact] Imposter designer jewelry

Hi! Does anyone know how to contact the distributor/manufacturer of
imitation/impostor jewelry? There is a store in my area that sells
the “knock-off” type jewelry in a mall and I am looking for more

I make jewelry and am also looking for the magnets to put into clasps
on necklaces and bracelets. I have looked in several catalogs but
cannot find them. Does anyone have this info?
Thanks, CC

Try New York Findings for magnetic clasp etc,@ 1-888-925-5745 for a
clasp catalog

Try the Touch-Adjust Clip Co. in Providence, RI I don’t have the
address or phone, but I bought some neodymiun-iron-boron magnets from
them years ago. very small, very powerful. Plated white or yellow.

Doug Zaruba

Dear Carolyn, Barbara Hyatt showed me in the back of this month’s Bead
and Button an add that sells magnets. I still haven’t heard from the
Magnet company Re: the magnets for our class. More later. Love,

I believe Touch Adjust Clip is in Bohemia, New York. Phone
516-589-3077 FAX 516-589-7489

I’m not sure what kind of magnets you are looking for. There is a
dealer at: http://www.wondermagnet.com/dev/magnets.html that sells
rare earth magnets. They are very strong and could be used for
clasps. They carry lots of interesting shapes including spheres and
cubes. They also sell on Ebay.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA