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[Contact] Base metal production pieces

Hello Orchid Members

I have a customer who is looking for a USA Manufacturing company to
reproduce a line of charm size items in a base metal. There will be
anywhere from 3000 to 3500 each needed of the six models I currently
am arranging to create for them. Do any of you know of someone or
has successful experience with an American company who will provide
this service? Again this is a ‘base metal’ production project for a
new item going on the market very soon. Please provide a name and
also contact if you have it. Many thanks, Margie Mersky

Margie Mersky Custom Designs, INC

Hi, Margie. Try

That’s what they do - just what you’re asking for. I know there are
others out there, somewhere. Talk to Gabe Sider, tell him we said