Has anyone seen the new movie “Constantine” with Keanu Reeves? At
one point, they need to make bullets out of gold, so they put a cast
iron frying pan on the gas stove, turn it up and toss in assorted
gold crosses and decorative holy items. In moments, the melt was
ready to pour into the bullet/ingot mold. We had to rewind and watch
it several times. Very entertaining.

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    Has anyone seen the new movie "Constantine" with Keanu Reeves? 

Hello Dana,

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, have seen it several times now, and I
still get a good giggle out of that scene. My wife (jokingly) turned
to me once and asked “Why don’t you do it like that honey?” I
threatened to take her jewelry away and replace it with stuff that
would melt in a frying pan.

Trevor F.
in The City of Light

Ahhh Hollywood can give you severe migraines or a lot of
laughs…Man where is my cast iron skillet I need to make blackened
cajun gold. LOL

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My friend and I went to see it when it was in the theater - we had
to constrain our hilarity at this scene to avoid annoying our fellow
movie-goers. I’m sure few of them could guess what we found so

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Hello Dana,

Sounds like the “technical advisor” was on vacation for that scene!!

Judy in Kansas

Just know someone will appear on Orchid and want to know what they
are doing wrong it isn’t working for them…still chuckling

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Hi Kevin and All, The all time best jewelry scene in the movies was
in " The Three Musketeers". The Duke of Buckingham gave a jeweler a
gold button and asked if it could be duplicated and how long would
it take? The jeweler said he could do it and it would take three
weeks. The Duke said he needed it tomorrow and would pay double The
jeweler turned to his apprentice and said, “Tell my wife I won’t be
home tonight.” Any old timers like me out there who have never stayed
up all night?

Tom Arnold

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My favorite movie jeweler’s moment was in the movie “The Crossing
Guard”. I think it was Robert DeNiro, but might be off on that.
Worth renting to see him as a jeweler lick a customer’s finger and
shove a ring on her hand that she insisted he sized incorrectly. If
only we could really get away with that!

Mary Linford
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    home tonight." Any old timers like me out there who have never
stayed up all night? 

Hello Tom;

You’re a retailer now, so you should have trolls around to pull the
all-nighters :slight_smile: but don’t get any bright ideas about shucking that
off on your other family member-jeweler or you’ll end up regretting
it when it’s time to get shuffled off to some sort of “assisted
living” thing. My wife and I fight about my spoiling our daughter,
but I’m gonna have at least one visitor who will smuggle in the
snickers bars. I know you’ve “moved on” or is it “up” from trade
work? Yes, I’m 52 and still get to pull an all-nighter or close to
it, every 2 or 3 weeks. When I opened this shop 2.5 years ago, I was
pulling at least 2 a week, and working around 80 hours per week. Now
I’m down to around 60 hours per. The worst I ever had it was when I
had a day job working 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, with a 1/2 hr.
lunch and a one hour drive on either end. When I’d get home, I’d have
dinner, put the kids to bed, then go out and work in my shop with my
sideline business for another 3-5 hours and a lot of Saturdays. I
got used to 5 hours of sleep a day, but I never got used to the
occasional hallucination on the drive home. Good thing I had back
roads I could travel. That went on for around 3 years. I’d make a
great employee if I weren’t just plain nuts.

David L. Huffman, chief troll in these woods.

I tell my daughter that when a movie is fiction, the director does
have artistic license. It still annoys her. What can I say when a
spaceship stored in a hangar for fifty years suddenly “wakes up”, two
guys jump in and fly it to the mother ship, and then upload a virus
that destroys the entire fleet? I bet they couldn’t do that with
their home computer, but an alien warship?! Anytime.

Jeff Simkins
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Cincinnati, OH