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Consistent Casting Results

Does anybody know how to be closer to the continuos casting
results.We can do it in gold, but in silver we have many problems.

I’m using silicon spray (for wax injection) in the mould. What kind
of oil, wax, silicon should I use on the mould?

Pablo Colmenares


It depends on the type of mold material. For silicone molds, I don’t
use a release for wax injection and have found that I get better
results that way. For rubber molds, I use a bit of baby power/talc
dusted in and then blown off. That gives just enough of a layer to
release easily.

The other thing to note if you’re doing “continuous casting” is that
if the silicone or rubber become too warm from repeated injections,
you will lose the release capability, they will take longer for the
wax to set, and you may have problems. You can either give them a
little rest after doing several injections, or can give them an
ice-water bath for a few minutes, then dry them thoroughly before

Hope this helps!
Karen Goeller
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