Consignment contracts?

Greetings, my name is Jim Revells I am a craftsperson doing both
modern metalsmithing & experimental archaeology. I am moving to
Wilmington, Vermont to open a gift store & art gallery. Right now I
need to find a couple of good, fair consignment contracts to show my
lawyer. Any one have some they are willing to let me look at?

After that I need to find artist that are willing to consign some of
their goods in my new store “Olaf’s Plunder”. The store will open
the first week of October.

What is “Olaf’s Plunder” going to be? Basically it is going to be a
gift store & art gallery oriented towards the tourist that come to
Snow Valley ( The customer base tends towards
the upscale market.

In the art gallery I intend to have a selection of fine crafts
presented for my customers selection. This would include (but not be
limited to) metal work of all kinds, blades, jewelry, pottery,
sculpture, painting, prints, photography, glass, clothing & wood
work. I am not going to limit the theme of the art in the store other
than that I believe it to be well done. I intend to have a 60/40
split with my artist, which seems to be the norm for NH & VT.

In the gift store there will be a selection of Scandinavian gifts,
including non-perishable foods, candy, books, knick-knacks, tee
shirts, & art objects. Many of the items will be Viking Age themed. I
am also interested in finding additional wholesale gift suppliers,
especially any doing European or Scandinavian imports.

We are going to be doing business on the web (at,
the web site should be up before the store opens. I am willing to
cross link my web site to anyone who consigns goods to me (at no
charge if there is no charge to me), as a brand new member of the
local Chamber of Commerce they are going to link my web site with
theirs. Any artist who do not have web sites will be featured in my
on-line gallery. Interested artist can contact me at

Jim Revells


Check out Ganoksin’s Consignment Agreement sample contract at:


Jim, Go to:

There is sample consignment agreement listed there.

Joel Schwalb