Consignment contract

Hi- I am in the process of trying to make a consignment contract that
is artist friendly and that is steps above the standard ones. I have
been gathering onfo from avarious resources and was wondering if
anyone had advise, had a sample or a reference to aid in this
endeavor. I am working on trade with a lawyer/friend to make a
document that is a win/win situation. As of now there are too many
bad stories about consignment-I even have my own. I think if
consignment is going to be a viable form of business and destined to
be how some artists have to operate something needs to change. Thanks
for any info, Kim

kim - have you considered gearing a contract toward a trial time
period? one that allows the gallery to have certain pieces for a
certain length of time on the condition that should those pieces, or
a majority of them, sell within that time frame, the gallery will in
future purchase from you, at a slight discount, rather than engaging
in a consignment with you. you might consider sweetening the
agreement by including a clause that at the end of a period of time,
if the majority of the pieces remain unsold, you will be buy them
back - by that time, you could probably recycle the materials (which
will have no doubt gone up in cost) while making some goodwill, &
facing reality: if they haven’t all sold, it wasn’t a good place for
your work - in the meantime you’re actually out nothing, you will
have some operating capital & learned about financial demographics in
that locale. ive