Consignment Agreement

The following is Consignment Agreement contract. It is intended for
purposes only although if you wish to use it that’s okay


Hi, Giovanna–Mary K and Rosela (sp) are coming over for drinks at
6:00 on Saturday night. They asked me to ask you to come too as
Rosela would like to see you again before she leaves. (Not that I
don’t want to see you, but this is a special request from them)
They’re coming at 6:00–Any chance you can make it?

BTW, we’re beginning to get some details on the Minneapolis
fundraiser. Apparently 1500 people generally turn up. They are going
to have an auction before dinner and our table after dinner. (We are
not auctioning anything. Flat sales. 25% to them; 25% to gallery
and balance to artist, so artists’ prices aren’t affected at all by
the event and the gallery can make a little money which is
important.) The key for us, it seems to me is to ensure that we’re
in the program and an announcement is made at dinner, so people are
aware that another buying opportunity is going to occur. Any other

Best, Fleury