Considerations for square rubover settings

Hi All,

I’ve recently been on a stone setting course (rather
unsatisfactorily, which is another story!). Anyway, we covered
rubover setting for faceted stones, which I’m fairly comfortable
with, and I wanted to try setting some other shapes, such as square
and pear. So, my question is, is there some trick to dealing with
the corners when you’re doing the rubover? Any suggestions greatly

Robin Cassady-Cain.

My way is to saw through the corner using 8/0 blade until you reach
facet junction; start slowly bringing metal over the stone. When
overlap is beginning to form saw through it again. Repeat until metal
is flash over the stone. Finish like usual. Done properly, no seam
should be visible.

Leonid Surpin

I haven’t been following this thread, so sorry if I repeat a point
made by another.

For square / rectangular bezels, or any with a sharp corner to
navigate, I think it helps to have the bezel height only just
exceeding the height of the stone, or another way of saying it would
be to only have enough metal to hold the stone in. And that is less
than you might think. Following this practice means that you will
have the minimum amount of metal to deal with at those pesky corners.