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Conflict diamonds - Conflict computers

Despite the fact that I sell conflict free diamonds and mostly
recycled metals, I am always amazed by the number of customers who
come in and have themselves in an uproar over some of these issues
(conflict diamonds in particular). Besides the fact that they refuse
to acknowledge that there are African nations that benefit immensely
from the diamond trade (Botswana being a great example) they seem
hell bent on reaching some ideal level in their lives that the rest
of us can’t seem to reach. Unfortunately for them, most of their
about these issues comes from their computers, and many
of their contacts on the same issues are reached through their cell

So what, you may ask? Well the next time someone comes in with these
concerns, ask them if they would be willing to give up their
computers and cell phones because there is a material used in them
all, tantalum, which is made from coltan (an unrefined metallic
ore), that is creating far more death and environmental destruction
than anything done with diamonds right now. Tell them to get on
their environmentally unsound, conflict computers and Iphones and
look it up. Nobody really NEEDS an Iphone or a computer. The world
did fine without them for quite a long time. Ooops, my bad. I’m
writing this on a computer. I’ll have to go out and thrash myself.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Don’t forget the Play Station and all Game Consoles - TVO, TV, Cars,
Radios anything that has electronics (tantalum capacitors). tantalum
is also used in making cemented carbide tools for metal working
equipment (that would be our high speed burs, lathe cutters, and
such), and in the production of superalloys for jet engine
components. Since tantalum is so resistant to corrosion, it is used
to make surgical instruments and medical equipment such as rods to
attach to broken bones, skull plates, and wire meshes to help repair
nerves and muscles. Australia, Brazil, China Canada, Congo
(Kinshasa), Ethiopia, and Rwanda are leading tantalum ore producers.