Concentric Dapping Tool

Does anyone know of a dapping tool or similar die available that will
create a dome with concentric circles stamped into it?

no, but you may try to roll print the circles onto the sheet or
discs then dap or draw them with a 6 ton or more press…that has
worked for me in the past, just remember if using the press to
cushion the dapped discs first. or you will loose your patterning.
you might try

Hmmm… sounds like more trouble than I was looking for. Maybe it’s
time to make my own tool for this one. Gee, if only my blacksmith
grandfathers were still here…

Brian Corll
Vassar Jewelers

Try wadding punches, such as " BOEHM Hollow Punch Sets" from

you could stamp concentric ring on a flat sheet and then put it in a
doming block.

regards Ti

Try wadding punches, such as " BOEHM Hollow Punch Sets" from 

Thanks, Tim. If I could just buy the punch in the left middle of the
big set, I’d be in luck. Unfortunately, I can’t find individual
punches anywhere.

Try a leatherworkers supplier, I have several, they are a great tool,
I use mine for stamping out perforated liners for casting, turnung
round wax balls on the lathe, making domed discs with an edge for
enamelling, green scratchy discs to go on the flex drive for matt
finishing. You can often get cheap sets of the 4mm- 20mm sizes for
about 10, but leatherworkers call them 'wadding punches@ regards Tim

Brian easy to make the punch, but a steel die is a different story.
A plastic die or a lead die will be easier.

For the punch you can use Washers. Go to a local Hardware store or a
giant like Home depot. Buy heat treated washers with different
diameters (od) Round of some edges if need be. You have to now mount
this on a Rivent like the ones you see on the bridges.

You can also imagine as wedding bands of different sizes being
stacked to make the concentric circles.

Materials like Jetset and Lead are not difficult to make dies.

All depends on the material that you are using.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply.

Thanks, Tim. I looked up leather wadding punches on Google. Google
suggested that I probably meant leather wedding punches. Yeah, maybe.

Brian Corll
Brian Corll, Inc.
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Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Here’s a set that will work they also have a nice dapping block set
to. I have the set and it works well.I also have a set of the inter
changeable heads punches, they will produce nice washers also. Item #42390 Dapping block set Item #93539 If you don’t like them you
will find the same set at any large industrial supply store. For the
punches. has them also has them

been there, done that damage was only a buck fifty!

Thanks, Glen ! I’ll check out the local store and see if they have
it. Looks like the ticket. That dapping set for only $ 39.99 amazes
me. I’ve seen the same set in the jeweler’s supply catalogs for well
over a hundred.

Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, doesn’t fit anymore.

Brian Corll
Brian Corll, Inc.
1002 East Simpson Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055