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Computerized engravers


hi all

can anyone recommend any engravers that i can hook up to our pc and
laptops, i have seen that rio sell ones that can do inside/outside
of rings and bangles as well as flat sheet, i would be greatfull if
anyone could recommend any companies and models for me to look at

thanks for any help



Take a look at Taig, a simple but sturdy machine that is affordable.
You will find that the core of cnc engraving is the software and the
associated learning curve; so be prepared. :slight_smile:

Vancouver Island


Go to the “New Hermes”, for a full cross section of about any
engraving job using a machine. This would of course eliminate “hand
engraving”. This company is one that I have been using for 32 years.
As a matter of fact, I just bought 2 machines, small and big, and I
have completely disassembled them and cleaned All the parts. I high
polished all the nuts & bolts and all of the working parts. I plan
on going to Hand Engraving schools both in New Orleans and with the
one that uses “Air Assisted” engraving. Gravemister School.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ, GG


Vision engravers out of Phoenix has several models, as well as
Gravograph, I believe they are located in the Southeast. Most of the
major tool suppliers have some basic models offered in their
catalogs. Before you spend big bucks on an engraver, think long and
hard about what you need it to do. If you are only doing simple
things, get an inexpensive simple machine. ( If you are only going to
engrave on the inside of rings, get a manual machine, do not go with
computerized) If you want to expand your engraving offerings to
customers, ( awards, plastic signs, rotary milling, etc,) then plan
ahead and buy an expensive machine that can grow your business as you
learn how to use it. The more expensive models have very
sophisticated 2-D design software that goes with the machine, and
comes with a big learning curve. Sample as many machines as you can
before you buy! Some machines are based on a DOS software instead of
windows based software. There are usually used machines for sale in
the back of engraving trade journals.

Peter B. Wolff
Gold Wolff Jewelers


hi all

thanks guys for the names, i have asked about some of these
engravers so i will see what happens next.

Peter, its not just for engraving the inside of rings i want to do
mainly flat items but if im gonna get one to run on my pc or laptop i
might as well get one that will do most of the stuff i would need it
for as if i have to pull out the big bucks i might as well just get
one that will be good enough for future needs too, someone said about
one of the cnc mills for engraving, i know that would no doubt be
better for the future as i take it i could use it to carve waxes if i
was casting which i would plan to do at one point, the thing is it
looks a lot more difficult, at the end of the day if you are gonna
pull out lots of cash you need something that you could pick up
quickly so you can start to earn the money back on it, am i right in
thinking that way?