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Computerized engraver recommendations?

Greetings all!

I am looking for a computerized engraver to engrave small flat silver
charms. I would like something computerized for both the amount of
fonts available as well as the speed. However, I want to get
something that will create a nice deep engraving quickly (not those
light shallow hairline engravings found on cheap trophies) if that is
possible for around, or under, $5-7K. I would really like to
emphasize that quality engraving is what I am really going for here.
It should also be capable of doing some fairly small text (perhaps
as small as 3mm in height). Thus far, I’ve been looking at either one
of the New Hermes IM4 or perhaps a Roland EGX-350 or the U-Marq
Gem-RX4. Does anyone out there have any recommendations pro or con
for any of these companies or their systems? Originally, I have
heard some very positive things about the New Hermes. However, I have
encountered several people that are quite frustrated that they won’t
service their own product. Hence, the Roland or U-Marq. Thanks in
advance for any you can supply me with!

Erich C. Shoemaker

Hi Eric.

I have one of the U-mark machines The Gem-RX. This has given us
perfect service for the past two years. Its in our retail shop and
my wife uses it to engrave customers jewellery and other stuff that
turns up.

If you are going to get one, may I suggest you visit with the
reseller and arrange a full demonstration using your own materials.
I spent the whole day trialing the machine I eventually purchased, I
took a varoius items including the design for a pendant that I have
since made over 300 of with this machine.

I also have some extra software that allows me to scan and import
images and other fonts. I have engraved photographs and complicated
designs as well as using the machine as a lay-out tool for piercing
designs. It can also be used to lay out name pendants. It can
engrave a plate up to 6 inch square.

The standard tool it comes with is a diamond point to make the cheap
engraved items and I use this for the layout. It can also be used
with the spindle turning and a carbide tool that will cut as deep as
you wish to go (obviously the lines get wider, unless you use a
specially ground tool) If you look in my gallery on my web site the
Palladium/Topaz ring has shoulders engraved then cut out using the
machine. Also the Black Rhodium ‘V’ signet is engraved on the
machine. As are the copper woggles.


Eric, this is exactly the engraving equipment I’m in the market for
right now. So far the one engraver I have liked is $30K and if there
was one out there for $5-7K that would be exciting. I would also like
mine to be portable.

Anne-Marie Warburton, B.A., J.B.M. (GIA), President
Gallery Gemma Inc

Thank you both very much for the you provided! Based upon
the emails I’ve received and the conversations I’ve had with various
companies, I think that the Gem-RX4 is going to be my best bet… at
least considering my price range. Thanks again for all your help!

Erich C. Shoemaker

If money is not an object I would urge you to check out the Epilog
Laser engraving system for its multi-funtionality and applications
beyond jewelry making for increasing income and if you have a
storefront, traffic into your establishment. It is an amazing,
affordable solution that opens a world of possibilities and engraves
anything you can dream up on any substrate imaginable at variable
(you set) depths. I was blown away by its performance, operating
cost and value for the buck over similar machines, and simple
engraving systems targeting the jewelry industry solely. The
potential for sidelines is also greater with a machine like an Epilog
laser engraver over other choices, i.e- promotional items, incentives
for customer and employees, advertising/marketing etc. The company
will send you an informative introduction package with samples,
videographed and other documentation and specs and
financing regarding purchases upon receiving a request from your