Computer cut gem stones

Dear All,

I am looking for someone who can cut gemstones like garnet and
similar with a computer controlled mashine. I would like to send the
files on disc and this person would cut to a repeatable shape so that
the stones fit into the computer cut settings. the shapes are
blockish simple triangles and squares out of flat slices. Nothing
complicated but quite small around 3 to 8 mill and 1.5 to 2 Mill

Is there a Company that can do this???

Can anyone give me a pointer please?

Many Thanks

As far as I know the only mass production computer controlled
faceting machine is made in Germany. This company makes machines but
does not cut stones for any one. I don’t know of any company in the
U.S. who provides this kind of service. Incidentally, these machines
cut 20 to 40 identical stones at a time.

Ed Katz, G.G.