Computer - aided design programs

greetings all - I’ve been considering the CAD programs available on
the market and was wondering what many of you use. I’d like to find
one that is user friendly and that allows for generating variations
of measurement, scale, proportion - etc. thanks, Jason Sartor

Jason, I started a couple of years ago with Rhino, an absolutely
outstanding modeler (NURBS) for the price. Now, I use Matrix, from
GemVision ( It is without a doubt the very
finest modeling and rendering program available today for jewelry
creation. If you’d like to see some examples, email me and I’ll show
you some.

Wayne Emery
Jewelry Design Studio

Go look at

David Geller

Hi Jason, Rhino (Rhinoceros) is an excellent affordable CAD modeling
program for jewelry design. It scales and proportions in 3D, 2D or 1D
, depending on what you need to do, enabling you to vary rings sizes
or setting dimension with a few clicks of the mouse. Left and right
earring models can be mirrored with perfect symmetry just as easily.
It measures distance, length, angles, and radius and can calibrate
dimension and place a numerical text with arrows next to a model for
horizontal/ vertical measurement and alignment references.

There’s also a “plugin” to Rhino called Matrix. It transforms Rhino
into an extremely powerful jewelry modeling program. It takes
practically all the sweat out of CAD design. Matrix has “builders” in
it for ring shanks, bezels, heads, pave work, channel setting,
rendering, and much more. It will determine the weight of a piece (in
any precious metal) before it is made! It’s very, very jeweler
friendly. It has a library of parts that can be modified in shape,
size and scale, to create just about anything you can imagine, or you
can make your own parts and save them in a library for future
projects. I’m offering Rhino training here in the Connecticut area,
one-on-one or in classes of 2 or more students. The interest in this
knowledge has really been growing. Recently, I’ve been teaching just
about every week. We also have Rhino and Matrix available for
purchase. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a