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Compressor for hydraulic press



I just bought an Hydraulic Press and now I need an air compressor.
However I am having problem finding one that matches the requirements
printed in the Hydraulic die Forming book by Susan Kingsley According
to her, I need a 1.5 HP compressor, with 20 gallon storage tank,
capable of 125 psi@ 7.5 cubic feet per minute If you have a Hydraulic
Press can you tell me what kind of compressor are you using? I will
really appreciate any ideas

thank you
have a great day



I don’t know what kind of Hydraulic Press you have purchased so
don’t know if my answer will be of any help to you.

I have a hydraulic Press made following the directions given by
Susan Kingsley in her book (P.77). I use a regular 20 ton automotive
bottle jack. I do not use compressed air to operate it, but pump it
up manually. At the time I had it made, this seemed more feasible for
my needs, and eliminated the need for a special air compressor. See
P. 19 of the Kingsley book for a full description of the bottle jack.
I have a pressure gauge on mine, it, but have learned through
experience when to stop raising the platen. The first few times, I
overshot and cut through the metal removing the flange. This is fine
when I do not want a flange, but not good when I want one… Now I can
tell by feel how much pressure it takes to form the piece and when to
stop pumping.

Hope this is helpful.