Complicated catches clasps and movement

Complicated catches clasps and movement in jewellery

Hey Guys!

Im doing my final project for uni and trying to get a bit smart with
clasps, hinges a and mechanisms etc - Im looking for inspiration -
can anyone give me any clues on what to look at or where to look for
good ideas to incorporate into jewellery - it will be made in silver
which of course makes things even worse :frowning:

Thanks for any leads!!!

The best place to examine intricate construction is at an auction
house. Keep an eye on the calendars of high end houses like
Sotheby’s and Christies for auctions of fine and important jewelry.
At the showings before a sale you will be able to pick up and examine
some beautifully constructed pieces, and see how intricately
articulated jewels are built. Bring a 5x loupe, 10x is really too
powerful for looking at construction, the field of view is too
narrow. The important thing is to turn them over and look at their
backs. That’s where you’ll see the real craftsmanship.


Look at the new Orchid exhibit. Very inspirational!

It seems like a lot of people are curating their own pintrest pages
on this subject. You might try goggling clasp and or mechanism and
just see what pops up.

Also the book Boxes and Lockets has a lot of great ideas.