Complete Jewelry Shop For Sale! (BRAND NEW)

Hello everybody!

Last year I partnered with a master Jeweler here in the Houston, TX
area and I purchased a complete Jewelry Manufacturing shop from the
ground up. All tools are name brand tools American, Italian, or Swiss
made. Unfortunately my partner passed away before we where able to
get going. (Old age) He was a great jeweler and watch maker but
getting on in years.

All major tooling is brand new never used (Computerized Furnace,
Vulcanizer, VacuCast , Magnetic Tumbler, Rolling Mill, Buffing
Machine, Steam Cleaner, Plating Machine, Computer based Mould making
Machine, etc, etc). Some of the hand tools and torches where used by
him for roughly 3 weeks.

The shop was designed to produce between 40 to 65 pieces of jewelry
daily. All necessary tooling, supplies and chemicals where bought,
there is enough supplies to run for at least 3 months on a daily
basis. There is a great selection of stones and metals that was also
bought and I would include wit the purchase. All equipment has it’s
own custom made table plus the jewelers work bench as well.

I am interested in selling the shop as a complete unit and will make
someone interested a very attractive offer. I am not a jeweler and I
have all this equipment in storage.

If interested please email me directly at @Sergio_Rivero or call
me at 713-789-1721

Thank you,

Sergio Rivero