Complete GIA Diamond Correspondence Course

Hello List, Along with all the Lapidary Journals, American
Gemcutters Publications, etc., that I need to move out, I have a
complete GIA diamond course from 1980 which I want to give you the
first chance at. It consists of four, large hardbacked 3-ring
binders full of instructional material, charts, diagrams, pictures,
etc. It is complete, right down to the corrected tests—43
chapters’ worth. It dates back to 1980. I have kept everything, and
it is all in excellent condition. What is it worth??? I guess,
whatever any of you is willing to pay. I really don’t know. Let me
know if you are interested, and maybe you can give me some idea.
Kathie Maas @Kathlene_Rae_Maas