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[Competition] Childhood Jewelry

Hello everyone,

This is probably my first post on Orchid. I’m not sure how to post
here, so I hops this works. It’s a bit long, so please bear with me

I’ve been a reader for a number of years in the digest format, as
time permits, and appreciate what Orchid does for the profession and
how it’s developed. I’ll quickly introduce myself. I’m an
Anglo-Brazilian jewelry designer and maker (and chocolate-chip cookie
baker ;o) ) living in France since 1987. I have a traditional
metalsmithing education from the adult program at Formation BJO and
Nicolas Flamel, both in Paris. I have been making jewelry since 1990,
working with silver since 1993-94 and have been working very
seriously with metal clay since 2003. I also teach it here in France.

I would like to share some which might interest some of
you. It’s the International Jewelry Competition being promoted by
the P’le Bijou Baccarat under the theme “Childhood Jewelry”. The
rules for participation are rather long, so I don’t want to overload
this post. Here are the 1st thru 3rd articles of the rules to give an
idea of what it’s about:

"Article 1 Contest Objectives

This contest of international dimension is exclusively open to
students or young creators, self-employed persons or people, with
less than 5 years of professional experience (proof will be

The objective is to create a jewelry or a collection of jewelry
inspired by the theme “Childhood Jewelry”.

Two categories are proposed for this contest:

  • Jewelry as a series of duplicated pieces (between 50 to 100 pieces

  • Jewelry as a series of unique pieces

The contestant should clearly specify which category they would like
to compete in. The contest is designed to evaluate the
professionalism and the creativity of the young contestant engaged in
artistic venues or the arts.

Article 2 Technical Characteristics of the pieces

[] Materials to be used : No restrictions except for legal

[] Production Techniques : No restrictions

[] Retail unit price of the product:

Around 150 to 350 euros for Jewelry created as a series of duplicated

Around 350 to 700 euros for Jewelry created as a unique piece

Article 3 Contest Organization

Le contest is organized and administered by: P’le Bijou -
Communaut© de Communes du Cristal

2 rue Adrien Michaut
54120 Baccarat

Contact : Monique Manoha
+33 (0)3 83 76 06 99

Thank you for allowing me to post.

I creatively salute Hanuman, the Orchid team, and all you wonderful
fellow professionals from all walks of life!

Smooth creating,
Angela B. Crispin, FRANCE