Compensation for jewelly

To all the highly talenyed goldsmiths in America who think they should
be making at least $35.00 per hour US, a word of advice. There are as
many talented goldsmiths in other parts of the world that will gladly
work for $35.00 a day. There are few products that are more
transportable than jewelry. Every year there are moreAsian exhibitors
at the international jewelry shows. They exhibit beautiful jewelry at
very reasonable prices. I say if the work is all the same give the work
to the goldsmith that wants the work the most. Yes this is putting a
big pinch on goldsmiths that wish to earn as much as a lawyer,
autoworker, school teacher or even McDonalds manger. Unfortunately a
goldsmiths work can be done off shore, theirs can’t yet.This trend has
been gaining speed with the success of FEDEX, CREDIT CARDS,the
INTERNET andinexpensive PHONE SERVICE. Today one can ordercustom
jewelry from Thailand over the Internet and have home delivery in 3
days. This certainly is a new challenge for the goldsmiths of America
and Europe.The key to winning at this game is to sell something that
no one else can do. Either you have to develop a unique skill which
can not be reproduced, or you need to build a brand name that people
are willing to pay a premium for. Neither of these directions are easy
in a part of the world with the highest standard of living. Good Luck,
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